“Education through Association”


The AAHE understands how much their members need up-to-date, current information, to stay on top of the ever-changing health care engineering environment. You can take advantage of this offer as we will post our educational documents here from our meetings. Please visit as often as you wish, we will be adding new information every month!

AAHE 2017 Annual Meeting Facility Sessions

  • Tim Adam “We Change Lives” (presentation coming soon)
  • Jim Miguel  “A Leadership Change: Gaining Organizational Respect (presentation coming soon)
  • George Mills “Environment of Care/Life Safety/Emergency Management” Click Here
  • Steve Spaanbroek “Compliance for the Sake of the Patient” (presentation coming soon)
  • Thom Wellington “Hospital Acquired Infections” (presentation coming soon)

AAHE 2017 Annual Meeting Clinical Sessions

  • Steve Dickinson “ Early Warning Scoring: Automation vs Clinical Application” (presentation coming soon)
  • Jodi Spakes “Advantages of Digital Broadband MRI” (presentation coming soon)