The AAHE was established April 23, 1966. The AAHE assists mem- bers in gaining and maintaining leadership in their profession and through collective effort advances the professional standard of this branch of engineering.

Our Goals & Objectives

  •  Promote the interest of healthcare engineering as a profession, which includes facilities, safety, clinical, telecommunication and biomedical engineering.
  •  Be devoted to the exchange of information concerning the everyday problems of hospital related engineering.
  •  Share knowledge and information required in the profession of healthcare engineering by means of regularly scheduled programs, newsletters and other educational means.
  •  Be associated for the advancement of scientific and technical knowledge in the profession of healthcare engineering.Benefits of Membership
  •  The AAHE represents a wealth of accumulated experience and knowledge to draw from.
  •  Educational programs for hospital facilities, safety, clinical and tel- ecommunications and biomedical engineering. Special programs tailored to small hospitals. Newsletter with technical articles and valuable professional information.
  •  Scholarship grants for dependent children of members or spouses.
  •  Annual award & recognition banquet with a Trade Show byAAHE associate members.
  •  Keep up with the latest technology, equipment and methodsthrough AAHE members.

AAHE membership application